Wild Life Drawing Online: Whales and Dolphins

Wild Life Drawing Online: Whales and Dolphins

4th Jun 2024 7pm - 8:30pm
British Summer Time

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2024-06-04 19:00:00 2024-06-04 20:30:00 Europe/London Wild Life Drawing Online: Whales and Dolphins Live virtual stream event


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Whale imagery is all around us, adorning our clothing, crockery and wallpaper, but have you ever really looked at those illustrations? Most are totally incorrect – often square shaped whales with twisted tails, water spurting from their blowholes? We have Moby Dick to thank for that. Luckily we have world-renowned comparative anatomist and cetacean expert Joy Reidenberg with us for an online class in June to bust those myths so we can nail our narwhals and perfect our porpoises. Together we will be making quick sketches of different whales and dolphins from reference images, with Joy picking out notable anatomy and evolutionary features as we draw.  

Joy Reidenberg is a professor at Icahn School of Medicine based at Mount Sinai, New York City specialising in cetacean anatomy, and a talented scientific illustrator. You may have seen her enthusiastically clambering over beached whale carcasses with her huge knives performing dissections on a colossal scale on the BAFTA winning documentary Inside Nature's Giants. Or you might have heard her animatedly discussing animal reproduction in the equally riveting Born In The Wild. Whatever the subject, Joy is such an engaging and inspiring speaker (watch her TED talk here) we can't promise that this class will finish on time! 

Artist Jennie Webber will be hosting this class and demonstrating each drawing along with Joy, with plenty of creative support and enthusiasm. As always, the class is open to all abilities. And just so you know, we will send out a recording of the session to all ticket holders after it takes place, so you can rewatch as many times as you like!

50% of ticket profits will be donated to Joy's nominated charity, the Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center, in Florida, USA