Wild Life Drawing Online: Sharks

Wild Life Drawing Online: Sharks

9th Jan 2024 7pm - 8:30pm
British Summer Time

This is a live-stream event

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2024-01-09 19:00:00 2024-01-09 20:30:00 Europe/London Wild Life Drawing Online: Sharks Live virtual stream event


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We’re diving head first into the new year with a class that is sure to make a splash! We will learn about all things shark, with a particular focus on a species which is local to us here in the UK- the shortfin mako shark. These impressive creatures like to live life in the fast lane- they're the speediest of all the sharks, swimming at up to 45mph! A vital skill when you’re on the hunt for fast food like tuna and swordfish. Being apex predators, mako sharks play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the food chain, but the fishing industry has tragically caused a sharp decline in their numbers around the world.

Joining us on the call will be Mark Packer from Shark Trust, who will tell us all about the charity's current goals and projects. Along side their direct conservation work, Shark Trust campaign in the political sphere, pushing for policy changes to safeguard the future of sharks and the delicate marine ecosystems they inhabit. 


Illustrator Jennie Webber will host the session, providing a detailed guide to drawing sharks with plenty of helpful tips and creative guidance. The class is open to all abilities, so whether you haven’t drawn since school or you draw on the daily, you’ll get loads out of the session. The basic materials you need to take part are some paper, a pencil an eraser and a pencil sharpener, but if you’d like to experiment you’re free to get creative with your choice of materials!  We will be drawing from a selection of high quality reference images which will be emailed to you (along with instructions and the zoom link) 48 hours before the event is due to start, or in good time if you book your ticket closer to the session. As with all our online sessions, we will send out a recording of the class afterwards so that you can watch it back as many times as you like. 

50% of profits will go to Shark Trust.