Wild Life Drawing Online: Miniature Piglets

Wild Life Drawing Online: Miniature Piglets

3rd Nov 2020 6pm - 7:15pm

at TBC

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Baby Miniature Piglets have been born on the farm and we will be drawing them over Zoom on Tuesday 3rd November, what a special treat! This litter of piglets will be at almost four weeks, old enough to be independent from mum but still teeny-tiny and unbelievably cute. As always we'll be hearing from pig expert Marc Cox about farming practices, welfare standards and how we can use our purchase power to help, but also how curious, clever, charismatic and affectionate pigs are.

The class will begin with an introduction from WLD founder and artist Jennie Webber, who will take you through the basics of drawing animals from life. There will be a drawing demonstration of the shapes, proportions and anatomical features to identify – before we go live to the piggies themselves! We will then switch screens to be introduced to our precious piglets and we'll be able to see them close up and at their level, usually all asleep in a pile!

The basic materials you need to take part are paper, a pencil, eraser and sharpener, but of course you are more than welcome to work in whatever materials you enjoy or have to hand. Please get in touch if you need advice on materials, we're happy to help! You will be emailed the Zoom link to join and some reference images 24 hour before the event is due to start.