Wild Life Drawing: Wolf Cubs

Wild Life Drawing: Wolf Cubs

14th Dec 2019 11am - 1pm

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We have a special Christmas treat for you this December – another chance to meet, draw and fall in love with wolf cubs! Not a particularly festive theme, but the lovely litter of British Lupine wolf-dog puppies will be about seven weeks old by then and will be beyond cute so we couldn't not draw them! These British Lupine pups/cubs will be coming along with some of their protective older family members and their dedicated handler Natalie, a Behavioural Scientist specialising in canines and an expert on wild wolves. During the class, we’ll be looking in detail at wolf anatomy and learn how wolf packs care for their young in the wild and how their family dynamics mirror our own. As well as drawing, we will discuss current conservation issues facing wolves across the globe – plus the results of their incredible reintroduction to Yellowstone. 

And as it's Christmas, we will donate 10% of each ticket price to Blue Cross – an essential UK charity that helps pets of all species, from rescues to rehoming, educating responsible pet owners and treating sick and injured animals. 

The drawing class is open to all, from beginners to advanced. All drawing materials are supplied, including paper and drawing boards, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use. Drawing tips and guidance will be provided throughout the session. The aim of these drawing classes is to inspire a sense of appreciation and understanding for the animals and their conservation in the wider world.

Wild Life Drawing is working with the finest animal handlers, sanctuaries and organisations to put on these events. These British Lupine dogs are friendly and safe, they are devoted domestic pets and are cared for to the highest possible degree by an expert in their species. All the animals that attend the sessions are well used to humans and different environments and are always accompanied by experienced handlers, their welfare is our highest priority. 

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferable to another name. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jennie on: info@wildlifedrawing.co.uk