Wild Life Drawing x Big Draw: Animals at Play

Wild Life Drawing x Big Draw: Animals at Play

24th Oct 2018 2pm - 4pm

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Family Ticket (1 adult and 1 child aged 8-18)
£35.00 + £1.50 handling
Additional Child (can be purchased only with Family Ticket)
£18.00 + £1.50 handling

Event Details

This year for the annual Big Draw festival during half term, we’ll be observing and drawing animals that exhibit play in different ways; to show joy, to form and strengthen social bonds and to communicate. We will be observing and sketching a 'business' of ferrets and polecats, all brothers and sisters and constantly playing and pestering each other. They also perform what is known as a 'weasel war dance' –consisting of jumping around madly and squeaking – which is commonly held to mean that the animal is thoroughly enjoying itself! We will meet some lovely rescue rabbits, who do a fun run-and-skip combo named a 'binky' that shows their happiness. And we will meet Guinea Pigs, who jump straight up in the air with all four legs to show their joy in a move called 'pop-corning'! Hailing from north America, we will draw Blossom the Skunk who is forever playing, digging and climbing which mirrors her natural behaviour in the wild and Odie the Opossum, who dribbles when he enjoys a smell! Also along for the ride will be gym-hedgehog Truffle, who spends hours running and spinning on her wheel.

The drawing class is designed for families but open to all abilities, from beginners to advanced. The sessions will be suitable for children aged 8 and above, and all children must be accompanied by an adult already taking part in the class. A family ticket priced at £35 provides entry for one adult and one child (aged 8-18 years.) Additional child tickets can be purchased for larger families, but only two additional child tickets can be purchased by the one adult on the family ticket. All drawing materials are supplied, including paper, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use. Drawing tips and guidance will be provided throughout the session. The aim of these drawing classes is to inspire a sense of appreciation and understanding for the animals and their conservation in the wider world.

Wild Life Drawing is working with the finest animal handlers, sanctuaries and organisations to put on these events. All the animals that attend the sessions are well used to humans and comfortable in different environments, their welfare is our highest priority. These animals will be attending with two highly experienced animal handlers that not only care for these animals but also re-home other unwanted exotic pets or rescue animals. These animals will be in specially designed runs, with plenty of enrichment activities and hidden treats to keep them occupied and happy for the time they are with us, whilst mirroring their natural behavior. All animals go through a 'Heath and Happiness' test before attending any external events, and are positively rewarded with their favourite foods. 

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferable to another name. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jennie on: info@wildlifedrawing.co.uk