Wild Life Drawing: Dominant Females in the Animal Kingdom

Wild Life Drawing: Dominant Females in the Animal Kingdom

7th Mar 2018 7pm - 9pm

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To celebrate International Women's Day we will be spending our evening meeting, sketching and learning about dominant females in the animal kingdom. In the wild many social species live within matriarchal groups, lead by a dominant female that guides, protects and educates the younger generations. Meerkats are a great example of this, with a dominant female breeding and leading the mob whilst lower females help to raise the young. We will meet Odie the Opossum and learn about the incredible care marsupials give to their offspring – first developing in the pouch and then being carried around on their mothers back until able to fend for themselves. In the Skunk world the females stick together by creating communal nurseries for their skunklets, whilst others forage for food for the group. We'll also be drawing rabbits, who only have to feed their young once a day due to their incredibly nutritious milk full of superpowers. Come along (all genders welcome of course!) for a night of inspiring biology!

The drawing class is open to all, from beginners to advanced. All drawing materials are supplied, including paper, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use. Drawing tips and guidance will be provided throughout the session. The aim of these drawing classes is to inspire a sense of appreciation and understanding for the animals and their conservation in the wider world.

Wild Life Drawing is working with the finest animal handlers, sanctuaries and organisations to put on these events. All the animals that attend the sessions are well used to humans and comfortable in different environments, their welfare is our highest priority. These animals will be attending with two highly experienced animal handlers that not only care for these animals but also re-home other unwanted exotic pets or rescue animals. These animals will be in specially designed runs, with plenty of enrichment activities and hidden treats to keep them occupied and happy for the time they are with us, whilst mirroring their natural behavior. All animals go through a 'Heath and Happiness' test before attending any external events, and are positively rewarded with their favourite foods. 

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferable to another name. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jennie on: info@wildlifedrawing.co.uk